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Keynote 1 : Mark Wilkinson >>> Slides

Keynote 2 : Olivier Rovellotti >>> Slides


Please find the following links to full text papers 

Taxonomy and checklists

Logical Model for Taxonomic Concepts for Expanding Knowledge using Linked Open Data
Rathachai Chawuthai, Hideaki Takeda, Vilas Wuwongse and Utsugi Jinbo

>>> Slides

Publishing and Using Plant Names as an Ontology Service 
Jouni Tuominen, Nina Laurenne and Eero Hyvönen

>>> Slides



Descriptive data - Phenotypes and functional traits 

A faceted search system for facilitating discovery-driven scientific activities: a use case from functional ecology
Marie-Angélique Laporte, Eric Garnier and Isabelle Mougenot 

>>> Slides

Crop Ontology: vocabulary for crop-related concepts
Matteis Luca, Pierre-Yves Chibon, Herlin Espinosa, Milko Skofic, Richard Finkers, Richard Bruskiewich, Glenn Hyman and Elizabeth Arnaud
>>> Slides 


A Case-Study of Ontology-Driven Semantic Mediation of Flower-Visiting Data from Heterogeneous Data-Stores in Three South African Natural History Collections
Willem Coetzer, Deshendran Moodley and Aurona Gerber

>>> Slides

Flexible Scientific Data Management for Plant Phenomics Research
Peter Ansell, Robert Furbank, Kutila Gunasekera, Jianming Guo, David Benn, Gareth Williams and Xavier Sirault

>>> Slides


Observational Data

Lightweight Ontology-Based Tools for Managing Observational Data
Shawn Bowers

>>> Slides

BirdWatch—Supporting Citizen Scientists for Better Linked Data Quality for Biodiversity Management
Eero Hyvönen, Miika Alonen, Mikko Koho and Jouni Tuominen

>>> Slides


Semantic Web Services

iPlant SSWAP (Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol) enables semantic pipelines for biodiversity
Damian Gessler, Blazej Bulka, Evren Sirin, Hans Vasquez-Gross, John Yu and Jill Wegrzyn

>>> Slides

A knowledge base for Exploited Marine Ecosystems
Barde Julien, Pascal Cauquil and Billet Norbert

>>> Slides


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